10 Uncommon Technologies in Common Industries

A business that invests in cutting-edge technologies will see a significant competitive advantage against other companies. Sometimes, the most useful technological equipment is not widely known to the consumer market for obvious competitive reasons. If you are seeking to improve your business operations with technology, find below some of the lesser known tools and machinery that could help maximize your profit margins.

As the name implies, the accelerometer is a tiny device that measures the speed and acceleration of an object relative to its freefall. It is often used to determine magnitude, vector quantity, and the different elements of the acceleration.

Calibration Equipment
Calibration equipment is most often used for quality control, especially within lab equipment. It is important to measure your work and products with calibration equipment for safety’s sake.

Conveyor Belt Alignment Switch
A lot of manufacturing companies use conveyor belts for mass production. They can install a control switch to protect these conveyor belts from malfunctions and misalignments. The alignment switch can produce signals and instil limits whenever the conveyor belt experiences problems.

Data Acquisition
The data acquisition system generates electronic data that can be read and manipulated by a computer. They involve acquiring signals and waveforms to obtain information. The data is then displayed and stored on the computer, where it can be analyzed to determine the collective results.

The pulse encoder is a type of sensor that determines feedback speed and alignment positions. They are often used in electric motors within the manufacturing and construction industries, where precision and measurements are very important. Modern encoders are available with digital display outputs.

The inclinometer measures angles and slopes of an object relative to gravity. It is also known by the name of a “tilt meter”. The inclinometer measures both the declines and inclines of the object.

A joystick is known to the consumer market as a control lever in some gaming equipment, but it is also used in business operations to control heavy machine equipment. The joystick works in the same fashion in that a human can move and navigate a piece of equipment through the mechanical controller.

Strain Gauge
The strain gauge allows the business user to test and measure the strain of an object. It can be applied to a variety of business operations, such as analyzing the experimental stress in manufacturing processes.

Torque Sensors
This torque sensor is a neat little device that measures and records rotation speeds. It is commonly used to measure rotation systems like engine crankshafts and bicycle cranks.

These are just some of the many fascinating technologies found and used in the business industry nowadays. You should consult with a professional expert who can help you determine which technologies will enhance your business process. Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your business technologies is a sure way to increase your business profits.