The Different Types of Paper Shredding

There are many different types of shredders available in the market. There are those that are capable of shredding down DVDs and others than can reduce the size of a tree trunk. Paper shredders were once considered as an office tool but today, many people use them in their homes as well. What are the different types of paper shredders?

One of the least expensive shredders available in the market is the strip-cut shredders. These shredders contain a series of rotational blades that shreds paper into long narrow strips. Because they produce strips of paper, they can be easily reassembled by a determined individual. As so, strip-cut shredders are the least secure form of paper shredder and are not considered a good option for businesses wanting to destroy sensitive information.

Another type is the cross-cut paper shredder. They shred documents into tiny rectangle or diamond shaped pieces that are almost impossible to be reconstructed. The smaller models of cross-cut document shredder can process up to six sheets at a time, making them not only secure but very efficient as well for home use.

Granulator document shredders works in the same vein as cross-cut shredders. In that they produce tiny shreds of paper. However, unlike cross-cut shredders, shreds of paper are constantly processed until they are small enough to fall through a filter. Document shredding through Granulators will produce Manchester confidential waste made up of particle size pieces of shredded material. They are therefore the most secure paper shredding option that businesses and government offices use.

Document shredders are available in any office supply stores. If you are thinking of buying one for personal use then smaller models will be just right for you. Businesses on the other hand, who shred hundreds of documents everyday may want to opt into purchasing heavy duty shredders.