Why Does My Car Insurance Matter If I Get A DUI?

About 10 years ago, I remember one of my friends calling me up at around 11pm and giving me some pretty disturbing news. Earlier that night, he had been at the other end of a car accident – worse, the person responsible for the accident was driving intoxicated. Thankfully, he was fine and escaped with a few minor bruises. However, I still remember the news shocking me – the accident was not an “accident” after all. It was due to neglect, irresponsibility, and ignorance by the other person who was driving drunk. Then I thought about something a little different – how would the car insurance of the person responsible get affected?

Here’s the answer. There are three ways in which your assurances auto can be negatively affected:

Insurance Suspension/Termination

Let’s make one thing clear – driving drunk is an illegal activity. It’s very much against the law and not tolerated one bit. Since this is an illegal activity, your insurance will be suspended and invalid following the charge. If your insurance is invalid, then that means that you are not protected from any further accidents that might occur. This also means you’ll have to compensate the other person injured for any injuries they have faced – you will have to pay off their medical bills.
Complete vulnerability and an empty wallet are the two resulting components of an insurance suspension and a DUI charge

Threat of lawsuit

Now, the other person who has been injured in the car accident will be completely taken care of by their assurance voiture provider, giving them the funds necessary (from your bank account, of course – refer to the first point). Once the person has fully recovered, their insurance provider will come up right next to you and sue you for the damages faced by their client. So, you’ll end up having to pay the medical expenses for you and the other person and the lawsuit thrown at you by the person, emptying your wallet completely.

Insurance Renewal Problems

The last issue relates to insurance renewal. Once you get a DUI and you try to renew your insurance, you don’t need to because your driving record is wiped completely clean. When some of my friends heard this news, they were utterly delighted. I remember their exact reaction – so it’s like this DUI never happened! Wrong. Wiping your slate clean means that the insurance rates you’ll face will be incredibly high. I’m talking sky high here. You’ll end up with no money very soon because these rates will stay stable for about 10 years and then start to decline. It won’t be a very pretty situation.

So, on the whole, I think it’s sufficient to say that drinking and driving is not a smart move. Not only are you hurting peoples’ lives, but you’re also damaging the relationship you have with your insurance provider, leading you to become bankrupt very soon. On the whole, don’t drink and drive, but if you have to, make sure you hire a designated driver.