I Need Money!

What would I do without loans and a credit card? As a middle-aged woman (exact age isn’t entirely necessary…) with 3 children and a hectic lifestyle, a credit card and loans are at the top of my priority list. There just simply isn’t any other option.

First off, all of my children are enrolled in different sports causing my husband and me to spend a lot on equipment, travel expenses, social functions and enrollment costs. This can cost my husband and me approximately 40 thousand dollars a year- definitely cutting deep into our budget. We have realized that if we want to allow our kids to participate in the rep teams they love, we will have to find ways to save our money. The first thing that came top our minds is getting better interest rates for our loans and credit cards- both of which we need very much with our financial situation.

I personally use my credit card several times a week. I try my best to pay the payment at the end of the month; however with my current interest rate this can be nearly impossible. I contacted my financial advisor, someone I have always loved, and she was more than willing to help me out. She gave me the best rate available allowing me to actually pay off the payment.

In addition, my home is fairly new but my mortgage payments are too much to handle. My advisor has also made some adjustments making the payments smaller, but giving us more time to pay the house off. All-in-all, she has done a fantastic job helping my family and is a great asset to Scotiabank!

Overall, I am very satisfied. I have even been able to go on a vacation with my husband which hasn’t happened for years! My kids are enrolled in their rep sports teams, and the stress in the house has definitely decreased. Thanks Scotiabank- a great team you have pulled together!