Geocoding And Its Importance to Businesses

The value of geo-location and geo-targeting technology is manifold. It has done wonders for businesses in any sector in driving up customer awareness and increasing its sales. With location intelligence technology, businesses can better identify business solutions and make better business strategies.

In the marketing sector, GIS data has helped advertisers better target their products and services to the right audience. By appending demographic data to latitude and longtitude data, marketers are able to identify where specific consumers are located. They can therefore create marketing ads that caters to the interests of a specific target group and hence, boost profit.

Furthermore, insurance companies can better set premiums and make accurate underwritings that are based on a client’s specific location. If they are for instance, located in hurricane or flood prone areas, insurance companies can account for such factors in their insurance rate estimates, as well as make other offers that would help customers better cope with the financial responsibility in case their property gets hit with an occurrence.

Geocoder technology are also being used by the average consumer. Think about. How many times have used Google Maps or GPS mobile app to look for a specific restaurant or to find directions to a specific venue?

Many businesses have also incorporated geospatial technology into their online presence as well. Nowadays, if you were to visit a store’s website and inquire about their weekly flyer, the site would usually ask for your postal code which will then provide customers’ specific sale offerings that are available in their area. Through integrating GIS data into their website, businesses are able to provide a more enhanced and personalized experience for online visitors and even drive traffic into their retail store.

Geospatial technology is as important to consumers as it is to businesses. This blog post hopefully has helped you better understand the workings of geospatial technology and its value.